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Collins 75A-4 replacement IF Mechanical Filters Available!

These filters are designed as direct replacements for the original mechanical filters which are now 50 years old and failing.
The Longwave filters look almost identical to the originals but in use they are vastly superior, having steeper skirts and much
lower insertion loss.
Everyone who has purchased these filters is delighted with the way they perk up their 75A-4 receivers. Experts such as
Howard Mills, W3HM and Ray Osterwald, N0DMS have endorsed the Longwave filters and have stated in their
reviews that they are superior to the originals.
 Barry Wiseman

Here are the actual performance graphs...

Click Here to see a review from Electric Radio.

Here's a picture.

75A4 6Khz AM Filter $199.95 75A4 SSB Filter $199.95
75A4 CW Filter $199.95
Shipping: $10 US, $15 Foreign, U.S. Mail ONLY